How We Bill

At Insight Legal, we understand the importance of flexibility and predictability in the delivery and pricing of legal services. Our work product goes beyond the billable hour and we are prepared to deviate from the standard hourly fee pricing model. We collaborate with our clients to successfully implement a customized fee arrangement that fits the client’s budget and objectives.

We offer the following alternative fee structures:

Fixed Fee

We provide our clients with fixed fee billing arrangements to avoid surprise bills and to ensure cost certainty. To arrange a fixed fee billing arrangement we:

  1. work with you to define the scope and duration of the project/engagement and create a detailed list of work included and excluded; and
  2. determine an appropriate fixed fee.

If the project parameters change during the course of our engagement, we will discuss it with you and adjust the fee up or down as appropriate.

Our clients enjoy working with us on a fixed fee basis because it moves the focus away from fees and allows us to focus on delivering high quality work product.

Volume Structure

When our clients anticipate a considerable amount of legal work in a given year, we offer a percentage discount that increases based on the overall volume of work. This fee arrangement allows us to reward our clients with deeper discounts while allowing them to maintain the flexibility to access our services on a case by case basis.

Monthly Retainer

Some of our clients have ongoing legal needs and engage our services on a monthly retainer basis. A monthly retainer enables our clients to better manage their cash flow and create a budget for legal needs. To arrange a monthly retainer we:

  1. meet with you to discuss your legal needs and budget;
  2. develop a mutually beneficial monthly fee that aligns with your business needs and objectives; and
  3. communicate with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that the arrangement meets all of your legal needs.

A monthly retainer allows our clients to have peace of mind as we provide them with budget certainty on a month-to-month basis.

Hourly Fee

A fixed fee or a monthly retainer is not always a suitable arrangement. Some of our clients prefer that we work on an hourly basis, particularly where it may be difficult to define the scope of work for a specific project or the project requires a quick turnaround. When working on an hourly fee basis, we are committed to keeping you informed in respect of the legal fees throughout the engagement and to being as transparent as possible to avoid any surprises.